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(Forrest Funeral Services & Walker Funeral Home)

Comfort, Compassion, and Service for the Living...

Michael Forrest, Licensed Funeral Director, has been serving the Philadelphia area, in the funeral service industry for over 22 years. As a licensed funeral professional, he has kept in tune with the individual needs of families who have lost a loved one. After personally taken care of a number of close family members of his own, he is sensitized to giving courteous, personalized, and professional service, with a caring touch and attention to detail. 

Michael has been the person working behind the scenes, preparing loved ones for services. A number of firms, such as Beckett-Brown Funeral Home, under Paul Brown, Chew Funeral Home, and Walker Funeral Home, have entrusted him to ensure the quality of the work presented.

In addition, Michael Forrest and the Forrest Walker Funeral Home are pioneering efforts in online funeral services doing business as Cremnation.

Why us?

Michael is a licensed professional, member and Chairman of Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity, Alpha Theta Chapter, formerly held the office of National Sargent at Arms of Epsilon Nu Delta Mortuary Fraternity, and current Chairman of the Quaker State Funeral Directors Association. His passion to uphold the integrity of the profession supersede the expectations of service.